Welcome to Kids at Jacobs e.V.!

Here you find all important details about our bilingual day nursery.
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The Society

The registered society Kids at Jacobs e. V. was founded on 13th December, 2004, by members of Jacobs University.
Kids at Jacobs e. V. is a non-profit parent initiative whose objective is to provide full-time bilingual childcare (German/English, up to 40 hrs. per week) for kids between the ages of 6 months and 6 years, on the campus of Jacobs University, North Bremen. Our daycare center is open to all staff members and students of Jacobs University, as well as to members of the local community.As long as a child is enrolled at Kids at Jacobs e.V., at least one of his parents must be a member of the parents association.

The financial contribution to the society is 50,00 € per annum.

Parent´s Commitment

Commitment from the parents is not only welcomed and encouraged, but is absolutely necessary for our institution to operate successfully. Once a year, a Board of Management is elected from among the members of the parents’ association. The Board of Management is expected to collaborate closely with the pedagogic team on all issues relating to the childcare center, in order to establish proper policies, practices and procedures, as well as to make responsible decisions concerning the institution. Additionally, parents are expected to help with a variety of tasks on a weekly and monthly basis, including manual repairs.  All assignments are mandatory. There are also two “working bees” organised per year.
                                                  Bienen Working Bees
What are Working Bees?

Twice a year, parents get together to carry out the various tasks necessary to ensure that the facilities at Kids at Jacobs are attractive and well maintained, in accordance with official standards for child daycare centers in Germany. We call these assignments “working bees”.
As a parent initiative, we rely on parental involvement in this area, which is why, at an annual meeting in 2011, it was decided that each set of parents has to participate at least once a year in a working bee.
If a set of parents is unable to attend either of these working bees, they may opt to fulfil another task, with prior agreement from the institutions leadership. Should they be unable to fulfil either commitment, a levy of 100,00 € will be charged.