Kids at Jacobs e. V. is a bilingual daycare centre. We work according to the immersion principle whereby every member of the pedagogical staff operates in one language (either German or English). 

“Basically ‘immersion’ means that the children will dive right into a new language, which functions as a working language as well as in a colloquial way, even if the kids do not understand it at the beginning. They will gain access to this new language via its contextual usage.”

(Source: FMKS – Verein für frühe Mehrsprachigkeit an Kitas und Schulen / Society for early multilingualism at childcare centres and schools).

As there are two pedagogical staff members per group, one of them will speak only English (a native speaker, if possible), while the other will communicate solely in German. They will also address the parents in their target language as long as the children are present.