The Groups
Our day-care centre comprises 3 groups.     

The two kindergarten groups (Butterflies and Ladybus) can each offer places for up to 20 children between the ages of 3 and 6 years.

Each of the two crèche groups (Bumblebees and Grasshopper) offers daycare services for up to 10 children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years.

Settling in phase for the nursery children at Kids at Jacobs

We are working in accordance with the “Berlin Settling In Model” and would herewith like to point out how we shape our first time together.
Our aim is to enable your child to familiarise itself with his new environment and to establish a relationship with a child carer, whilst you as a close person are present.
This transitional time is a new situation perhaps even for you, as more often than not this is the first separation between you and your child.
You are the safe guard of the child and hence contribute a lot towards the child’s feeling of security at Kids at Jacobs. Your own feeling of well-being and security gives your child trust and stability for the new adventure of nursery!
Initially the process of induction and the day-to-day life at Kids at Jacobs is being discussed to great detail during an induction talk. Exchanging information regarding your child is also on the agenda.

The settling in period is split into 4 phases:

1. Basic phase

You arrive at nursery together with your child and stay for approx. one hour. During the first three days there will NOT be an attempt of separation.

2. First attempts of separation

After having arrived together and having agreed with the child carer you leave for approx. 5 – 10 minutes. You leave the room but stay nearby. This first separation will extend gradually.
IMPORTANT: The child carer will call you back immediately if he/she considers it appropriate.

3. Stabilising phase

Based on the individual needs of your child the period of time in the group without you will increase. You however remain inside the nursery. The duration of this phase can vary individually from two to four weeks, perhaps even longer.

4. Final phase

You don’t remain in the nursery but are reachable at all times, in case the bond        between child carer and child doesn’t quite suffice in the event when a                            child quires special attention. The duration of supervision of your child at Kids at Jacobs is being slowly increased and extended based on his needs.

Further IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the settling in phase:

  • The whole induction progress will be accompanied by one key person only.
  • Your task is to act passively and not to push your child into distancing itself from you or to do anything specific.
  • The child carer approaches the child in a playful manner and adapts to the needs of the child.
  • There shouldn’t be any interruptions during the induction phase such as holidays.
  • Please schedule an induction time of 2 to 4 weeks. In some exceptions and depending on the child it might take much longer.
  • A routine and sticking to arrangements are vital to a successful settling in period and the well-being of your child.
  • The child carer stays in close touch with you regarding the progress of the induction. Duration and intensity depend on the individual needs of the children.
  • Don’t pressurise yourself and please draw up a flexible time frame for the induction.
  • The settling in phase is considered completed when the child carer is being accepted as a safe base and your child feels comfortable and secure with us.

We are looking forward to a positive start at Kids at Jacobs!